99CM Episode 22 - We're Back Chat!

It's a modern chat for a modern age! Ryan and Tyler bring the podcast to the present day to discuss more post production, spoilers, the upcoming release of Butcher the Bakers, and the pleasant lack of Joe Buckley. We're back! Mostly!

99CM Episode 19 - Pre Pickup Weekend

Host, Ryan Matthew Ziegler, and Director, Tyler Amm, sit down to discuss the upcoming pickup days for Butcher the Bakers. They go over the expectations and concerns of the additional three days of filming that were never planned for, but were awarded through a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Thank you to everyone who donated to Butcher the Bakers via Kickstarter!

99CM Episode 15 - Actor Alex Dittmer

Alex Dittmer, one of the members of the HHP three-timers club, stops by to talk about his history with acting and how it shaped him into the talented individual he is today. Oh, and Tyler's mic was too loud and the Passing the Buck segment will make you ill.

99CM Episode 13 - Writer Virginia Campbell

One of the few sane members of the Hometown Hero family, Virginia Campbell has had to field a lot of weirdness to get three of her scripts made. Ryan sits down with her the day before filming commences on Butcher the Bakers to discuss her writing process and how it is to work with a bunch of oddballs; especially her co-writing partner and cousin, Tyler Amm.

99CM Episode 10 - Assistant Director Matthew Birtell

A man on a mission, Matt Birtell, Assistant Director of Butcher the Bakers, stops by to talk about keeping the backbone of a production upright. Matt gained a lot of attention for being an eagle-eyed problem solver on the set of Grace's Room, and discusses what it takes to keep an indie film on schedule.

99CM Episode 9 - Executive Producer Kris Smith

A true gentleman and master of all things tech, Kristopher Smith stops by the podcast to talk about being an Executive Producer on Butcher the Bakers. This is Kris's second film with Hometown Hero and has a lot of thoughts on what can make and break an indie film. Make sure to stay for Pass the Buck because it's more of the same crap, and you'll love to hate our Plucky Bucky Boy. 

99CM Episode 8 - Actress Devon Ford

The podcast team, as well as the entire Hometown Hero family, has been busy the last two weeks filming Butcher the Bakers! Principal photography is over and now we're back in the office ready to continue the adventure that is making an independent film.

Devon Ford, an actress in Butcher the Bakers, stops by to talk about the acting epiphany she had and how it led her to an audition for our newest film.

99CM Episode 7 - Actor Sean Walsh

Sean Walsh returns to the Hometown Hero Universe to reprise his role of Sam from Grace's Room. Ryan delves into Sean's history with acting, from musicals -- to fronting a band -- to film, and how it led him to the upcoming film, Butcher the Bakers.

99CM Episode 5 - Illustrator Bryan Michael Hartnett

Bryan Michael Hartnett, a wizard of illustration and visionary savant, hangs out with Ryan to talk about the copious amount of art he's made for the films of Hometown Hero. We also learn about his expanded role on the set of the upcoming Butcher the Bakers and how much he loves horror films!

99CM Episode 4: Cinematographer Zach Shaw

Zach Shaw, Cinematographer of Butcher the Bakers, is on the podcast this week to talk about his history with Hometown Hero Productions and being a first time Director of Photography. Dive in with our host Ryan Matthew Ziegler as we learn what it takes to make a film look pretty!

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